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Retro Review: BMX XXX

I have a confession to make, the other day I bought BMX XXX for the PS2 from CEX for £2.50. It's nothing I'm proud of believe me, but before you judge me I have to explain my reasoning behind buying the game. You see, I have a thing for terrible terrible games, and...

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Cooking For Blokes – Beans on Toast

Andy Bloke is back in the kitchen and this week he's cooking beans on toast in his own inimitable style.

What we got each other for Christmas

From Harmonicas and Harley Quinns to Wombles and Wii games, find out what Mike and I got each other for Christmas and what we thought of our gifts.

Most un-Christmassy Christmas songs

It's Christmas time and there's plenty of reason to be afraid. As you read this, stores are stocking up with copies of the latest Now That's What I Call Christmas CDs, boasting all the Christmas favourites you've heard over and over again and are sick of despite the...

15 Great short horror films you can watch during your lunch break

As it's halloween, I've been getting into the mood by watching some horror films. There are lots of great classics out there, but people are too busy to watch long films these days. Therefore, I've put together a list of my favourite short horror films that are under...

Why the Vanish Tip Exchange is a big flop

I recently saw an advert for Vanish promoting their 'Tip Exchange' website. The ideas is that people share their tips on the blog and people comment. My immediate reaction was 'Surely they're all going to be the same thing, just saying to use Vanish on everything.'...